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Racial Disunity... Within the same race!!!

Recently, I found out something that pissed me off. I didn't know that there was a verbal fight between the Indians and the Indian-Americans, at least here in Columbia. Some Indian-Americans call the Indians FOB (Fresh Of the Boat)... And some Indians reply to the the Indian-Americans by calling them ABCD (American Born Confused Dasies -Or however it is written-. By the way, Vivek, have you ever been called that way? It is PATHETIC, don't you think?).

It is not to say that there is not a similar fight between We Latin-born people, and the Hispanic-American community, but I have yet to be aware of that verbal fight.

People, listen. How can we reclaim equal rights to us all when we are even dividing our same race??? We want equality to all human beings, but we are looking for someone to degrade with a good excuse... It is ridiculous.

What are your comments about the "Fights between a foreign race and their American counterparts (No matter which race, just tell me which cases have you seen and your comments about it).
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