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an article about conscientious objection

has anyone seen this article from the May 2005 issue of "Quaker Life" magazine? it basically gives a "how to" manual for trying to obtain C.O. status.
(the magazine is published by Friends United Meeting -- i want to state that i am not a member of their meeting and i do not agree with some of their viewpoints regarding other issues than C.O.)
the article is about conscientious objection. it gives the legal definition that the military or government uses to determine C.O. status. it puts alot of stress on how one must actually have a religious belief or demonstrate a set of ethical beliefs similar to a religious belief but without a divine being at the center. the government will not grant C.O. status unless a person can prove, in a hearing that they arrange, that they hold a true, permanent, deeply held, religious or ethical belief.
here is a link to the article
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